Unusual Suspects: New Leadership Archetypes

Redefining “great leadership”


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For all the talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), organizations have made little progress rethinking who leads their business. Why? Because ingrained biases and risk aversion mean organizations keep falling back to the same candidates, with the same experiences.

In the Unusual Suspects Lab we set out to answer:



Can AI and advanced analytics uncover Unusual Suspects in CEO searches?


Who are the Unusual Suspects transforming global organizations today?


How we define Unusual Suspects

We are investigating successful CEO candidates through the lens of career experiences, industry expertise, gender, and age. 

While unconventional CEO hires make headlines, and loom large in our memories, they are actually less common than we might think.




CEO appointments in 2023










not ex-CFOs, COOs, or P&L Leaders




45 years old or under



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