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Social impact organizations are needed now more than ever to fully realize human potential.

The social impact world is rapidly evolving as the public, private and nonprofit sectors realize they can achieve remarkable things when they work together. We help organizations harness this potential to find and develop the leaders they need to build a better world.

Empower Collective Impact

As the world continues to reckon with the combined crises of climate change, racial and social injustice, and political and economic instability, it’s clear that old paradigms for creating impact are no longer fit for purpose. The current moment calls for an “all hands on deck” approach, with NGOs, foundations, governments, academia and the private sector working together to co-create solutions. We connect you to leaders in and outside your industry who are comfortable working with complex stakeholder sets.

Innovate at Scale

Despite significant challenges, it has never been a more exciting time to be an agent of social impact. Whether in harnessing private capital to scale proven solutions, using mobile technologies to include marginalised communities, or bringing new medicines to those in greatest need, we have tools to achieve lasting change at a scale the world has never seen before. We help our clients build the leadership teams needed to channel this potential and change the world for good.

Champion Leaders Who Change the World

To succeed in their social impact mission, organizations need leaders who can articulate a compelling vision—and inspire action towards it. We draw on our expansive network of senior executives across the social, public and private sectors to connect you to leaders who can run point on building a better, more resilient planet for all.

Build Credibility Through Transparency

The integrity of the process by which new leaders are appointed is essential to the legitimacy of the appointed candidate, particularly in multi-constituency partnerships. Without it, new leaders start with a marked disadvantage. We have decades of experience facilitating complex, inclusive, multi-stakeholder search processes that build confidence in the legitimacy of the appointment and suitability of the appointee.




The first half of 2021 saw a 60% increase in social impact CEO transitions vs. the 2020 average, suggesting that uncertainty of the pandemic had prompted many orgs into a holding pattern that is now being reversed.

Prior to pandemic, only 35% of social sector leaders would have been willing to change employers; that figure has now jumped 20pp to 55%

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