The industry is quickly evolving from new innovations to breakthroughs in disruptive healthcare and a shift toward personalized care. We partner with our healthcare clients to build the leadership teams of tomorrow, today.

Healthcare leaders are redefining the future of the industry. We partner with healthcare organizations to advise on leadership issues and build top teams who can address these issues by integrating cutting-edge technologies, creating new revenue streams, redesigning interactions with end-users, and leading with purpose.

Lead with Purpose

Healthcare organizations continue to improve health equity—from facilitating affordability and accessibility, to moving the dial on sustainability and DE&I. We connect you to diverse leaders and those with a solid track record of driving tangible enterprise-wide change.

Cultivate a Patient-Centric Culture

People want more say in their healthcare decisions than ever before. Patient-centric thinking must now flow across your entire business strategy and culture; it’s not enough for it to be the domain of your marketing and sales team. We help you identify, nurture and retain leaders who can deftly pivot to this new reality.

Anticipate a Transforming Landscape

Record-breaking IPOs, large-scale M&A deals, and PE/VC capital have rapidly transformed the healthcare industry. We help leaders proactively adapt—whether that’s updating business models, re-thinking organizational cultures or identifying future-ready next-gen leaders.

Power Next-Gen HealthTech

New technologies, business models, and new entrants are transforming healthcare. We understand the cross-pollination of leadership between technology and healthcare players and can introduce mission-driven, out-of-industry executives who will help you stay ahead of the game.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

As healthcare organizations take steps to stay on the right side of digital transformation, competition is heating up for digital talent. We draw on our vast understanding of the tech talent ecosystem to identify the leaders you need to unleash digital-enabled growth.



RRA’s proprietary analysis of F1000 Healthcare CEOs highlights that 35% are appointed externally. To better prepare for the future, organizations need to prioritize CEO succession planning and development.

RRA’s proprietary analysis of F1000 Healthcare CEOs highlights that only 8% of CEOs are female. It is essential for organizations to intentionally integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices into CEO succession and next-generation processes for gender equality.



Unlock innovation across healthcare

Our healthcare experts have extensive experience across the industry, finding and developing visionary leaders in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare Services
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Health Systems


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