HealthTech companies must be experts in two extremely technical industries—healthcare and technology. We support them to find and develop leaders who can navigate this complexity to improve patient experiences.


Healthcare technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Data, analytics, and AI have transformed what’s possible for all healthcare stakeholders, from payers and drug developers to providers and patients. As healthcare technology usage increases, there are new opportunities for patient monitoring, remote diagnosis, and serving traditionally underserved patient populations.

Driving growth in this complex and fast-changing environment takes visionary leadership. We work across the healthcare ecosystem, as well as with the software, data, and analytics organizations disrupting it, to find and develop the people who can provide that leadership.


Find the right CEO for next-level growth

HealthTech companies need a new breed of CEO—one that can manage immense changes while leading the organization with inspiration and vision. Whether you’re an industry titan in need of a successor or a first-time founder looking for a new era of talent, our search and succession consultants will work with you to find the right CEO for your needs.

Lead through investment cycles

The interplay between healthcare, technology, and investment is complex, with each industry traditionally putting different emphasis on people and profit metrics. As the growth of HealthTech increasingly demands visionary investment, you need leaders who can balance diverse stakeholders.

With extensive experience of working with private equity and healthcare companies, we understand how to build board, CEO, and C-suite leadership for ambitious investment cycles.

Attract the right leader for every function

High-performing top teams excel in delivering financial and operational results while creating dynamic and responsive organizations with outstanding cultures. Creating such a team requires the right person in each executive position, which is why we partner across your HealthTech company to attract the right leaders in all functional roles, from Chief Medical Officer to Cyber Security Lead.

Lead innovation

The demand for personalized care is creating opportunities for innovation across the healthcare value chain. We understand the complexities of finding the right leaders within an evolving patient-driven healthcare landscape, so offer the coordinated perspectives and expertise needed to build and scale disruptive models, such as direct-to-customer platforms, digital therapeutics, and virtual care.


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Noël Auguston

With more than 15 years of experience in advising healthcare leaders, Noël ensures we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to your greatest leadership challenges. That means we bring together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.


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