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Private equity firms must answer tough challenges to drive growth, from building the right leadership teams for every stage of the investment cycle, to finding and developing visionary leaders at the fund and portfolio company levels.

The global private equity market is mature and efficient. To unlock growth, the most innovative private equity firms are proactively addressing leadership challenges in ways that position themselves and their portfolio companies for the future. We combine the power of a global firm with the deep expertise of our specialist sectors and capabilities to understand and address your unique needs.

Leadership advice throughout the investment lifecycle

Every stage of the investment lifecycle has unique leadership challenges and opportunities. By combining our experience in the private equity industry with world-class executive search practices, we advise on the entire investment lifecycle.

Private equity firms are increasingly sophisticated in their search and assessment practices.  We support leaders to accelerate their impact in a portfolio company through leadership advisory and development, as well as supporting the management team to come together effectively to deliver the value creation plan at pace.


We work with investors to understand their investment thesis, defining what this means for their talent needs before the deal closes. We can then work with them to find the right advisors for the industry and target, as well as pre-deal executive and non-executive appointments.

At the same time, we assess the target’s management teams to provide insights that inform due diligence and support the case to the Investment Committee.

Portfolio value acceleration

Delivering the value creation plan at pace, in an increasingly uncertain and volatile environment, is a challenge. We take a data-driven approach to search and advisory, using proprietary, innovative leadership assessment tools to find and develop great portfolio company leaders, including CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs.

At the same time, we help you unlock the competitive advantage of diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and expertise. The Equitable Search—our customizable methodology for diversity, equity, and inclusion appointments—supports you in building a diverse leadership team that can accelerate value creation.


To help maximize returns and ensure a successful exit, we advise on exit planning including management team assessment, pre-IPO board building, and other key appointments, which we tailor to achieve a successful realization.


Fund-level leadership

Find and develop future-fit private equity leaders

Forward-thinking private equity leaders have a distinct set of skills: they’re exceptional dealmakers, they relentlessly seek unique insights, and they understand great people deliver better returns. We partner with you to find these multi-faceted leaders—and set them up for success.

Create the leadership to optimize portfolio operations

Private equity firms are building more sophisticated portfolio operations capabilities. That takes new leadership skills in areas like human capital, digital transformation, customer activation, and ESG, so we partner with you to find the experience that will help you unlock your portfolio’s full value.

Broaden access to private equity leaders

Demand for experienced board directors and executives is unprecedented. Private equity firms face fierce competition from peers and other industries, which value the skills that enable success in private equity. Our relationships and in-depth experience give you access to the right candidates at the right time.

Add diverse perspectives to private equity leadership

Diverse thinking can lead to better decisions and unlock new opportunities. We advise on effective and sustainable approaches to attracting diverse talent and improving key inclusion metrics. Our proprietary methodology, The Equitable Search, uses our one-firm approach to appoint and support executives from historically under-represented backgrounds.

Prepare for what’s next in private equity

Given the historical outperformance of private equity compared to public markets, investor enthusiasm is high. So, firms are branching into new asset classes, industries, and even geographies. Using our global network of limited partners and fund managers, we help you find the talent to successfully launch and accelerate new strategies.



Portfolio company leadership

Find your next portfolio company leader

Whether you are looking to bring in new leaders to shake up the status quo or as part of natural growth and development, it’s always best to take a broad view of the available talent to find leaders with innovative ideas.

With our one-firm approach, we have access to the most talented executives and next-generation leaders, whether they sit in competitors, other industries, or your own portfolio company. And we support these executives in their journey into private equity and accelerate their impact through our Executive Transition methodology.

Develop visionary portfolio company leadership teams

The skills and leadership styles of successful portfolio company leaders are always evolving. Increasingly, leaders must show a range of expertise, rather than simply conform to archaic archetypes. We partner with you to assess and develop exceptional leaders—and set them up for success. And we support leadership teams to work together to fulfill their full potential and deliver value.

Build a future-fit board

We advise portfolio company boards on governance and how they can support the management team to deliver the value creation plan.

We also maximize our relationships and in-depth experience to give you access to the right candidates at the right time, wherever they may sit. This is vital as governance evolves and the demand for experienced portfolio company board directors grows. Private equity firms face fierce competition from peers and other industries, which value the skills that enable success in private equity.


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