Top Team Effectiveness

High-performing top teams do not just excel in delivering financial and operational outcomes. They also help create dynamic and responsive organizations and ensure that optimal cultures thrive.

Creating a high-performing team is one of the most complex tasks for a CEO. Teams are in a constant state of flux, juggling multiple competing expectations, priorities, and personalities. We help CEOs and C-suite teams identify, articulate, and harness their collective capabilities in service of the whole organization and their customers.

Teams create impact above individuals

Top performance is consistently tied to the diversity and inclusivity of the collective rather than an individual leader or contributor. High-performing top teams are measurably better at executing strategic priorities, ensuring the organization’s future readiness, and delivering great results for stakeholders. Yet despite the fact that 93% of C-level executives believe their personal contributions have a positive impact on the organization, only 55% consider their top team to be high-performing.1

Navigate the four essential tensions

Our research and work with top teams around the globe has revealed that a top team’s success depends on its ability to navigate tensions in four categories: Adaptability, Perspective, Atmosphere, and Team Leadership. Our model, Productive Tensions for Top Teams, provides leadership and their teams with a detailed analysis and mapping of their collective preferences, strengths, and derailers. The ultimate goal of our work is to unlock the team's ability to adapt, pivot, and orientate towards new realties, handle strategic shifts—setting the stage for peak performance.

The need for strong teams in times of transition

During times of transition, such as a merger or private equity deal, the need for strong teams at the top becomes abundantly clear. In fact, the quality of a portfolio company’s management team is the most-cited reason for deal success and the second most cited reason for deal failure.2 We partner with CEOs and their top teams to investigate existing group dynamics and capabilities, align teams around key objectives, and ultimately help top teams better meet strategic priorities during these “make or break” moments of a company’s lifespan.

Generate excellence at the highest level 

If there’s no harmony at the top, none can exist in the rest of the organization. CEO teams serve as a model for vision, purpose, and company culture in addition to setting strategic priorities and mobilizing their people for the next inflection point.

Top teams are:


More effective at managing complex initiatives.


Better at attracting top talent.


Higher scoring on key performance measures versus other teams.

1. Russell Reynolds Associates survey, 2018  
2. Bain & Co., 2021 


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