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Consumer businesses face constant business model disruption, as digital technologies, changing demographics and shifting socio-political forces radically alter consumer behavior. What people consume, and how they consume it, has changed forever. We help you get ready for what's next. 

Accelerate Customer-Centric Growth

Never has the global consumer carried so much power. Today’s companies can no longer ignore customer centricity. We help you find or develop the leaders you need to rise to this challenge, so you can meet customers with the right products, in the right channels, at the right time.

Unlock Digital-Enabled Success 

Investment in digital channels, products and services is paramount—but it shouldn’t come at the expense of margin. We help you find digitally savvy business leaders who can optimize customer acquisition, operations and sales channels for both revenue generation and profitability.

Ready Your Operating Model For What’s Next

To build resilience in a disrupted world, companies must find new ways to strengthen their supply chains and reduce over-dependency on single sales channels. Our advisory teams will help you pivot to this reality—whether that’s helping build your own sales channels, finding local supply chain solutions or brokering innovative partnerships with distribution partners to offer true omni-channel  solutions.

Make Bigger, Better

Mergers and acquisitions and private equity investment are playing a major role in how consumer businesses evolve. Integration, rationalization, consolidation and portfolio carve outs have become sector constants. We help you find the talent who can navigate today’s disrupted landscape.






Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an opportunity. There is a clear need to promote female talent, as just 5.6% of consumer CEOs today are women.

When analyzing the boards of the top 150 consumer companies globally, over a third have less than 25% woman representation on their boards.

Today only 16.7% of consumer CEOs have experience in a digital role, in the next five years that number will rise dramatically.

RRA research shows that 85 percent of consumer companies had a sustainability leader, which is positive; that said, these leaders rarely reported into the CEO. Instead, sustainability leaders often wear multiple hats and stretch across functions.


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