As consumers, regulators and other stakeholders press for change, educational organizations face immense pressure to evolve—or risk being left out of the conversation all together. That’s where we come in.

Education is experiencing more disruption than ever before—from pressure to provide better return-on-tuition-investment and to the need to rethink teaching modalities and make cultures and curricula as diverse as the communities they serve. Our expert advisors help you find and develop innovative leaders who can help you stay one step ahead. 

Move at the Pace of Next

Educational organizations need to stay on the right side of disruption. We partner with academic institutions and for-profit providers to find future-fit leaders who bring an entrepreneurial mindset to challenges and can drive relevancy in a fast-changing world.

Unlock Tech-Enabled Innovation

Traditional models of learning and content delivery are falling out of favor as digital technologies rewrite the rules of the game. Our specialist EdTech team will help you stay agile and flexible—whether that’s improving the online learning experience, expanding test-optional admissions or introducing flexible teaching modalities.

Strike A New Path Forward

As the public turns its attention towards student loan debt and the return-on-tuition-investment, institutions need to streamline their overhead costs while keeping high-quality programming and student outcomes top of mind. We recruit, develop and advise the transformational leaders who can help you strike this balance.

Move The Needle On Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Campuses and education providers need to reflect the world around us, with curricula, cultures and admissions processes that are diverse, equitable and inclusive. We help you find Chief Diversity Officers and other leaders who have what it takes to inspire and galvanize tangible change on the ground.

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