Bring your technology to the forefront and define the future with leaders capable of innovative leadership and transformational change.

As technology drives monumental change across all industries, every company is a tech company—or will be soon. We partner with the world’s largest and most rapidly scaling tech companies to place executives across functions who will lead their organizations to the next phase of growth.

Find the Leaders Who Will Unlock Growth

Whether software or hardware, B2B or B2C, cloud or SaaS-based, all companies in the tech sector need leaders with track records of driving change and growth. We specialize in finding leaders who are a perfect fit for every function at your organization and its culture, from CFO to CHRO to sales leads and more.

Prioritize a UI/UX Mindset

Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect breakthrough UI and UX experiences. We partner with you to identify forward-thinking leaders who can embed a UX/UI mindset to bring ease of access, speed and simplicity across everything you do, enabling tech-enabled transformation.

Unleash Rapid Growth, At Scale

Record IPOs and breakthrough funding rounds are helping tech companies grow and scale at rapid pace. We help organizations across the technology ecosystem find the innovative leaders they need to take their growth trajectories to the next level.

Bring Order to Increased Complexity

Technology’s increasing complexity and ever-evolving nature is changing consultative services. In addition to directly advising organizations, we also work with Business and Professional Services firms to address emerging technologies, innovative business models and shifting economies.


Our Technology Researchers

Closely monitoring specific markets, developing and broadening relationships and highlighting potential opportunities to support our consultants.

  • Kyle R. Jones
  • Lauren Perazza Fontanez
  • Angela Lubben
  • Dante Sucgang
  • Bryan Teo

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