Hogan Assessment Systems

An exclusive partnership to increase the success rate of executive appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders

A global, exclusive partnership designed to increase the success rate of executive appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders.

Since 2016, RRA and Hogan have worked together to produce a multitude of innovative solutions designed to drive C-suite performance, both at the individual and team levels.

Together, we have brought to market-leading class offerings on topics surrounding leadership, DE&I, top-team performance, and ESG.

We recently announced a five-year extension of this relationship.

The continued partnership combines RRA’s depth of expertise in advising senior executives and boards on executive search and succession with Hogan’s market-leading suite of assessment instruments, data assets, and scientific acumen.


United Nations Global Compact

Partnering to define the attributes of sustainable business leaders – and urging a radical rethink of how C-suite and board leaders are selected

In mid-2020, the United Nations Global Compact launched the "Leadership for the Decade of Action" report in collaboration with Russell Reynolds Associates.

This first-of-its-kind report defines the unique characteristics possessed by sustainable business leaders and urges a radical re-think on how C-suite and board leaders are selected (include a link to the study).

It reveals an urgent need for transformational business leaders who look beyond near-term profits to make the long-term sustainability and resilience of our world a top business priority—both within and beyond their firms and broader ecosystems.

The report was first presented by Lise Kingo, former CEO and Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact, and Clarke Murphy, CEO, Russell Reynolds Associates, at the UN Global Compact 20th Anniversary Leaders Summit on 15 June 2021. 

To identify how organizations can make sustainability central to their organization's culture and leadership, Russell Reynolds Associates and the UN Global Compact carried out in-depth interviews and background analysis on a group of close to 60 sustainability pioneers—CEOs and board members from across continents and industries with a notable track record of focusing on and making progress towards sustainability goals in tandem with commercial results.

The analysis defines the characteristics, actions and differentiating leadership attributes that fuel sustainable leaders' success.

Ariel Investments

Partnering to Support the World’s Preeminent Network of Black Board Directors

Ariel Investments has partnered with Russell Reynolds Associates for 15 years, to bring together leading black directors in the U.S. for the Black Corporate Directors Conference. The conference focuses on developing best practices, corporate diversity, and inclusion and encouraging Black directors to promote the civil rights agenda within their respective boardrooms.

Although the theme has changed throughout the tenure of the conference, our corporate diversity call to action has remained the same and is guided by “the three Ps”: 

  1. People: Companies can best meet their customers' needs when they are committed to diversity across all levels of their organizations.
  2. Purchasing: When companies are willing to form contractual relationships with minorities across a variety of industries, the corporation's image is bolstered as well as the minority businesses and minority executives they work with.
  3. Philanthropy: Philanthropic contributions to civil rights organizations and other organizations that target minority communities ultimately serve to uplift the corporation's employee and customer bases. In short, diversity and inclusion is a winning strategy for companies and the customers they serve.

The Black Corporate Directors Conference reinforces our company's commitment to diversity and inclusion and allows us to partner with other like-minded business leaders to bring about real change.

The 30% Club

A founding partner committed to increasing gender diversity on S&P 100 and S&P 500 boards

Russell Reynolds Associates is a founding partner of the 30% Club Future Female Directors program, with our board practice maintaining a deep commitment to helping diversify U.S. boardrooms.

The U.S. 30% Club launched in June 2014 with a goal of achieving 30% female directors on S&P 100 boards by 2020. Surpassing our goal, as of March 2021, 30.47% of S&P 100 board directors are women, up from 20.2% at launch. Additionally, all S&P 100 boards have at least one female director. Even more encouraging, the U.S. membership has achieved an average of 33.70% women on their boards, up from 21.7% when it launched – a testament to what business leaders can achieve when they commit to driving change.

While we’ve achieved our target representation of female directors on S&P 100 boards, there is still much work to be done in boardrooms across the country, with S&P 500 numbers moving at a glacial pace.

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WHO Foundation

Joining hands with the WHO foundation for Covid-19 vaccine distribution efforts

Building on its commitment to improve the way the world is led, Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leadership advisory and search firm, announced today it has joined a prestigious list of global and national organizations participating in the Go Give One Coalition Challenge, a COVID-19 fundraising campaign created by the WHO Foundation to help raise money for Gavi COVAX AMC, which funds COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries.

As part of a coalition of companies, RRA implemented an internal campaign to encourage its consultants and employees, as well as customers and partners worldwide, to each donate at least $5 for one COVID-19 vaccine dose.  The coalition has committed to raising $5 million which will pay for 1 million doses of the vaccine.  This effort supports Go Give One in its goal of getting 50 million people to take part in the campaign.

"Many of us have been blessed to have access to the COVID-19 vaccine, allowing us to resume our pre-pandemic lives and safely spend time with those we love, but so many around the world are not as lucky," said Clarke Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates. "By working with Go Give One and the Gavi Alliance, we can help provide vaccines to those in our world who have not had the opportunity to protect themselves from this terrible disease."

"As leaders in business and our communities, it is imperative that we take action to help those in need. The pandemic is not over for everyone, but hopefully, with this effort, we can bring safety and peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of people around the world," added Murphy.

Board and CEO Advisory Board

Engaging global governance leaders for depth of experience, diversity of perspectives, and depth of expertise

Our Board & CEO Advisory Partners engage a world-class Advisory Board to provide corporate governance expertise including regulatory, investment, CEO, and board director perspective. Members of this Advisory Board include:

  • Jackson Tai
  • Ronald Williams 
  • Michelle Edkins
  • Daniel Diermeier
  • Frits van Paasschen


The Humanitarian Finance Forum (HFF)

The Humanitarian Finance Forum (HFF) is a cross-sector forum that aims to connect humanitarian organizations with financing expertise and market professionals to harness greater financial resources for humanitarian purposes. Its members are leaders in humanitarian institutions, international organizations, investment banks, insurance companies, and governments. There has been great progress with Green financing products and in health and the intention is to accelerate this trend in other areas. Russell Reynolds is proud to participate in the Forum and to bring to bear our network and insights on leadership across the sectors involved.


Women’s Forum

Russell Reynolds Associates has a multi-year sponsorship and partner relationship with the Women’s Forum. Their mission is to mainstream a gender perspective and drive inclusive solutions to global social and economic challenges. During its annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris and regional events, the Women’s Forum assembles a worldwide community of top businesswomen, lawmakers and agents of change from numerous sectors. With representatives from over 175 countries and opportunities for executive networking on an international scale, the events serve as both think tanks for effective decision-making and as showcases for our initiatives including Rising Talents, CEO Champions, the Barometer, French Women Entrepreneurs 40, WomenEntrepreneurs4Good and Youth Voices.