C-Suite Succession

Every C-suite successor should move your business forward. Find industry-leading executives—from inside or outside your organization—who will help you get one step closer to your strategic goals.

C-suite succession and transition are inherently risky. It requires a thoughtful approach and deft handling. We help you sidestep pitfalls to find future-fit executives who’ll take your organization to the next level. And we ensure runners-up remain strong, contributing members of your team. 

Stay one step ahead of talent risks

A best-in-class succession process starts three to five years out. We help you develop a robust and dynamic succession plan that mitigates the risk of vacancies and positions your organization for uninterrupted, long-term performance.

Get to know your rising stars

The best C-suite successors often come from within your own four walls. We keep a laser focus on next-generation leaders across your ranks, so you understand their strengths, their weaknesses, their leadership styles, and the crucible experiences that will unleash their potential.

Deliver a positive candidate experience

When done well, a succession process can be an effective tool for talent retention. Our best-in-class approach ensures a positive, professional experience for internal and external candidates, so everyone remains invested in your organization—even if they don’t land the top job.

Back your decisions with methodology

Our approach to identifying, selecting, and developing C-Suite successors uses benchmarked data and a time-tested methodology to find the right successors—not necessarily the obvious ones. Mitigate the risk of vacancies, accelerate the development of high-potential executives, and position your organization for long-term success without the risk of interruption during moments when you need strong leadership the most.





of leaders say the availability of key talent and skills is a top threat, and one they feel least prepared to address.

of global executives say they would be willing to change employers.

of global executives think their organization does not have a successful strategy for C-suite succession.

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