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Despite decades of research pointing to the undeniable value of diverse organizations with inclusive cultures, many companies, and their leaders fall short in matching positive intent with clear, strategic and sustainable action.

Across the board, organizations report a leaky pipeline of diverse leadership. Women and under-represented minority leaders, in particular, experience a gradual decline in representation at the top, compared to white men who continue to make up the vast majority. This lack of demographic diversity has implications for an organization’s ability to innovate, compete and be truly reflective of the people, communities and clients that they serve.

The global health pandemic and racial justice issues in the West exposed a gap in the existence of structural inequity in talent management systems. These events outlined that often inclusive leadership intentions don’t always translate in practice. While Inclusive behaviors are increasingly tied to successful leadership and higher performing organizations, there is an evident skill gap which is leaving leaders and their organizations vulnerable to external scrutiny and potential risks associated with inequity and exclusive practices.

Despite recognizing the need for dedicated resources to elevate the strategic importance of DE&I, only half of all large scale companies have Chief Diversity Officers (CDO’s). How these roles are set up for success is questionable, with limited role clarity, fragmented operational structures, and lack of data to inform strategic focus. In turn, the CDO’s struggle to make progress on an almost impossible remit they are handed can appear as window dressing to more engrained DE&I challenges that remain untouched.

Our solutions are designed to be both broad and deep, working at the individual, team and organizational level to shift attitudes, behaviors, practices and processes. Merging this approach with robust data, we ensure that our clients DE&I initiatives are focused and informed to optimize effectiveness and demonstrate progress over time.

Equitable Talent Management Systems

It’s important to go beneath the surface and examine practices, policies and procedures that provide an unlevel playing field for under-represented minorities. Taking a critical look across the employee life cycle and bringing objectivity to systems can transform DE&I efforts to ensure lasting change.

Diverse Teams

In today’s world, with global organizations bringing together multinational teams, customers and communities - diversity is fast becoming the default. And yet, where active efforts to diversify are underway, little thought is placed on the overall group dynamics and composition necessary for success.

How are your leadership teams embracing diversity and driving a collective effort around inclusion?

Inclusive Leadership

A leaders ability to role model and demonstrate inclusive behaviors is critical to ensuring that DE&I intentions are translated into daily practices and shaping an organization’s culture. Without effective support from the top, DE&I efforts can come to a halt.

Do you know if your leaders are effective champions of inclusion? Is inclusion a core competency for leadership success?




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