Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at an inflection point. Are your leaders prepared to navigate an evolving environment to unleash and sustain the value of DEI?

Getting DEI right and evolving your approach to reflect the competing needs of your context is critical. In the wake of the global pandemic and the West’s racial justice issues, DEI has become even more important to your talent, customers, shareholders, communities, and business outcomes.

Organizations leading the charge are integrating DEI as a value, input, and outcome of their business and talent strategies. They have recruited leaders well-versed in navigating the shifting landscape, tuning into their shareholder and stakeholder needs, and empowering a diverse workforce.

We know DEI challenges don’t exist in a vacuum. To make effective progress on DEI measures, you can’t treat them as standalone. That’s why our DEI solutions are a part of everything we do at Russell Reynolds Associates and flex to the unique needs of your context. 

DEI in executive search and succession

We help you remove barriers to entry by embedding equitable practices into executive search and succession processes. Doing so improves candidate experience, the ability to scope in the best talent, and the leadership pipeline.

Find DEI function leaders

With deep expertise across industries, we help you attract, assess, select, and onboard effective executives into DEI leadership roles and bring DEI knowledge into your boardroom. In turn, your DEI agenda stays evergreen, sustaining momentum and progress.

DEI governance

We work with you to evaluate your workforce composition, talent management practices, organizational inclusion, and DEI operating model against external benchmarks. This gives you the insights to effectively govern ESG and align top teams around priorities.

Ensure every leader can lead on DEI

We assess core competencies associated with innovation and inclusion while developing authentic and courageous leadership skills in aid of individual and team effectiveness.

DEI roundtables

In a volatile and changing world, knowledge is key. We bring together diverse and inclusive leaders to identify potential, share DEI thought leadership, and recognize DEI best practices.


Global diversity, equity, & inclusion advisory leader

Tina Shah Paikeday

With more than 25 years of experience advising leaders, Tina ensures we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to answering your diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges. That means she brings together the right team to identify and capture the opportunities facing your organization.





Steadying the Ship: How Leaders Navigate the DEI Landscape in Turbulent Times

Great leaders know DE&I is more than a compliance exercise—it’s a major value driver.

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