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When your company’s growth hinges on its leadership, you need impartial ways to assess executive effectiveness, enhance leaders’ performance, and minimize disruption in times of change. You need to turn to a trusted leader in executive assessment.

What makes a great leader? Our proprietary tools and method for executive leadership assessment and benchmarking help organizations define this for themselves, so they can envision success and put the right team in place to achieve it.

Predict success in the C-suite through executive assessment

When it comes to choosing top executives, the cost of failure is high. Without the right leadership, a company can’t compete, innovate, or adapt. That’s why we developed Leadership Span™--a proprietary executive assessment methodology.

Leadership Span™ uses performance and assessment data on 32,000 executives to increase the success rate of new appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders. With a strong connection between higher Leadership Span™ scores and objective measures of leadership effectiveness, we can find the best leaders and predict success at the top.

Assess your leaders to plan for succession

Periods of transition or succession put a company’s executive leadership team to the test. Whatever challenges face your organization, a robust approach to leadership assessment, benchmarking, and development minimizes risk, accelerates progress, and increases retention.

Our executive evaluations, which blend industry, function, personality, and performance data, enable firms to predict how successful a leader will be in current and future business contexts, so you can make the right succession decisions.

Assess executives who can thrive in a digital world

A digital world requires digital-first leaders. Our psychometric assessments and qualitative interviews of digital executives have found common qualities among the top performers. They have:

  • the ability and willingness to disrupt
  • a skill for abstract and innovative thinking
  • the tendency to take initiative
  • the drive to test limits.

We use our unique approach to executive assessment to help organizations find the leaders who can compete in this technology-first landscape, including those with often overlooked “softer” skills like agility and collaboration.

Continuously assess leadership skills

Executive leadership assessments aren’t still portraits, they’re moving pictures that capture the evolution of leaders over time. Our Leadership Span™ model puts a spotlight on the indispensable tensions that you must selectively emphasize – not trade off – in response to change and volatility if you’re to ensure executives succeed over the long term. Our data-driven executive assessments can help you understand your talent bench, make informed decisions, and prepare for the future, even in an uncertain world.



of organizations are confident in their existing succession plans.


higher shareholder return from companies with the best talent management practices, versus industry averages.



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With more than 20 years of leadership assessment and talent consulting experience, Aimee ensures we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to assess your current and next-generation leaders. That means she brings together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.


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