Operations & Supply Chain

Supply chain leaders who succeed in orchestrating the use of digital technology across their entire business will separate themselves from those who merely manage the supply chain.

The supply chain serves as the lifeblood of a company where a small hiccup can cause major problems. Failure is not an option. A momentary disruption is not an option. Ensure you have the right leaders in place to transition the supply chain from a necessity to a strategic enabler.

Ready for AI and analytics

Today’s digital supply networks include everything from synchronized planning to dynamic fulfillment. Identify supply chain leaders who understand this complicated environment and how technology can further create efficiencies.

Reduce risk

A disruption in the supply chain can cause problems across the organization. Does your business have actionable operating plans in case the supply chain goes down? We’ll help find executives who can minimize risk in the supply chain, helping avoid disruption and quality issues.

Focus on sustainability

Rightly, sustainability continues to work itself into every company’s overall operation. Nowhere is that needed more than in the supply chain. We’ll help identify leaders who can contribute to sustainable end-to-end solutions and drive tangible benefits from sustainability programs.

Improve overall diversity

Modern leaders understand the benefits of a diverse team and a diverse supply chain. They also recognize that working with a variety of providers who value diversity as much as your firm can be just as important.

Global operations & supply chain leader

Ben Shrewsbury

With more than 10 years of experience advising leaders around the world, Ben ensures we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to help you find the right operations and supply chain leaders. That means he brings together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.


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