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We help you discover and develop leaders who can unlock the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI)—while sidestepping its risks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest opportunities facing organizations today. Inaction isn’t a viable option. So, how do you adopt AI fast and at scale?

The first step toward AI maturity is ensuring you have the right leadership team in place to unlock this technology’s vast potential.

Transformation is ultimately a human endeavor—it requires visionary leaders who understand how AI can enhance decision-making, improve productivity, and future-proof your organization for competitive advantage, while also managing risks.

We help you find and develop leaders who can fast-track AI adoption and implementation, so you can unlock its exponential value and stay ahead in a digitally-powered world.

72% of leaders agree that a strong understanding of GenAI is a key skill for future C-suite members


Only 32% are confident that they have the right skills to implement GenAI in their organization.

Find your next AI-savvy leader



How RRA helps organizations unlock AI’s potential

01. Articulate your business vision

Work out where you want your business to be in five years—then we’ll work with you to develop a tailored roadmap to get you there.

02. Find leaders to power your AI journey

Discover and develop AI-savvy board leaders, CEOs, CTOs, CDOs, and other executives—and set them up for success.

03. Build AI-savvy leadership teams

Ensure your C-suite team works dynamically together to move your organization further along the AI maturity curve.



The questions we’ll help you answer

Do our leaders know how to commercialize AI and data assets?

How will AI impact our current organizational structure?

How can we foster a culture of innovation and transformation?

What is our risk tolerance—and are we adequately mitigating AI risks?



The AI-Led Enterprise: A systems view of leadership

The AI-Led Enterprise: A systems view of leadership


Global AI leaders

Our global AI leadership advisors will help you unlock the exponential value of AI. Through an industry-specific approach to AI transformation, we help you understand the interplay between the

Fawad Bajwa
AI Practice Leader

Fawad is committed to helping organizations embrace the opportunities of AI and digital transformation. Jointly based in New York and Toronto, Fawad works with publicly listed companies, as well as growth companies backed by private equity and venture capital in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology sectors.


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