The State of Generative AI (GenAI) and its Implications for Business Leaders

The State of Generative AI

GenAI is the year’s buzziest technology. But are leaders actually embracing it?
While there’s a lot of hype around generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), most leaders are still experimenting with these tools. Only a minority are using GenAI in their day-to-day workflow.
Not only are leaders at varying stages of the GenAI implementation journey…
…they are also approaching implementation in different ways.


are evaluating internal capabilities


are looking at the legal risks


have established internal policies


are creating new roles to drive the development of GenAI tools


have appointed a Head of AI (or similar role)


are engaging in workforce reductions
Ultimately, GenAI implementation isn’t just about adopting the right tech.
It’s about having the right leaders—with the right capabilities—at the helm.
While 72% of leaders agree that a strong understanding of GenAI will be a key skill for future C-suite members
… only 32% are confident they have the right skills to implement GenAI in their organization.
Lack of knowledge and expertise was cited by


of leaders as a barrier to implementing GenAI, making it the #1 concern.
So, how can organizations navigate the next tech leap? Look to your next generation of leaders.
Look to your next generation of leaders.
37% of next-generation leaders are confident that they have the right skills to implement GenAI…compared to 26% of CEOs.
Give them the power to experiment and pilot projects.

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