Board Effectiveness

Institutional investors continue to raise governance expectations. A thoughtful board assessment system that is customized, insights-driven, and systematic will help you rise to the challenge.

The best boards are on an ongoing journey to improve their performance in order to drive stakeholder engagement and value for shareholders. Yet most boards do not have an effective board assessment process in place.

Enhance board effectiveness with an assessment system

Bringing board performance and effectiveness to the next level necessitates a multiyear, integrated board and individual director assessment system—not a once-a-year event. This systematic approach telegraphs to investors, regulators and other key stakeholders that the board is future-oriented and performance-focused. As noted to us by one of the world’s largest investors, “boards must also continuously evaluate themselves and evolve to align with the long-term needs of the business.”

Ensure your board holds up to investor expectations

We work with our clients to create a fully customized and bespoke board, committee, and/or individual director assessment processes which are based on that company’s needs. This can involve aspects of people, processes, and culture including: benchmarking against peer companies and companies with best-in-class governance, aligning strategy and risk among the board members and with management, aligning the board with corporate purpose, ESG governance review (including human capital oversight and sustainability), and/or an institutional investor governance expectations review, in addition to specific regulatory topics.

Bring the best out of your board

Electronic surveys no longer cut it. The most effective boards do an impactful combination of board, committee, and/or individual director assessments. We have completed more board assessments and consulting projects than any major search or consulting firm, bringing priority research on board culture and board behaviors from our Global Board Culture and Director Behaviors Survey, as well as candid insights into investor expectations from our annual institutional investor trends reviews. We can put in place an effective board assessment process for your unique needs, turning your board into one that is high-performing while ensuring good governance.





Global Corporate Governance Trends for 2023


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