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Do you see digital disruption as an opportunity—or a risk? We help you harness digital technology as a critical lever for value creation, growth and competitive edge.

Digital technologies are rewriting the rules of the game, upending business models and corporate strategies. What worked yesterday will not work tomorrow. We find the business leaders who will help you keep one step ahead. 

Become a Magnet for Great Talent

We understand what sets transformational leaders apart—and what makes them tick. As the entire business world pivots to a technology-first motto, competition is heating up for data, software engineering and product talent. We help you stand out from the crowd by building competitive compensation and purpose-centered propositions.

Identify Your Top Tech Leader

Many organizations opt to have an executive top technology leader who oversees the entire technology spectrum, across tech, product, digital, cyber security and data. We define and scope the role with you, and help you find the right talent needed to lead the charge.

Unlock Data-Enabled Growth

Data is your most powerful asset—unleashing its potential can have a significant effect on top-line growth. We understand the tiers of talent you need throughout this journey, from data management, to monetizing potential and analytics capabilities, and can help you develop compelling propositions to attract these leaders.

Avoid the Big-Tech Gold Rush

In the rush to infuse technology expertise, some businesses are willing to take nearly any executive from a company like Apple, Facebook or Google. This can bring big benefits, but it is not fail-proof. We look beneath the surface to ensure all candidates have the right experience and skills to contribute to board-level discussions on technology, data and digital.

Keep Your Data Assets Secure

Becoming a technology-first company brings new risks. Investing in talent who can keep your systems and assets secure is just as important as finding tech leaders to drive your transformation. We draw on our vast understanding of the tech talent ecosystem to help you attract cyber security executives who can help you stay one step ahead of threats. 






RRA’s proprietary analysis indicates that top engineering talent prefers working for a B2C organization and generally changes positions every three years.

of engineering leaders are male. It will be important for organizations to improve gender diversity in senior leadership and next generation leadership.

RRA’s proprietary analysis of portfolio technology leaders show that only 57% of portfolios have a technology leader sitting on their executive committee. For organizations that do not have this executive technology leader, we will define and scope this role for you in the context of the business and growth goals.

Currently, portfolio technology leaders are split evenly in half between internal promotions and external appointments. As there is no clear, go-to talent pipeline, it is important to crystallize technology priorities and map out the digital transformation journey to identify right talent.

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