Customer-Focused Growth

In the face of fierce disruptive and competitive pressure and changes in consumer power and behavior, we deliver customer-centric leadership talent who can serve the customers of tomorrow.

In RRA’s 2023 Global Leadership Monitor, 73% cite economic uncertainty as the top external threat to their business. Digital transformation and heightened consumer expectations require a redefined customer experience. Boards and leadership roles require a renewed focus on customer retention and loyalty. We bring customer-centricity capability to the core of your business.

Drive organizational engagement

Customer-centric leaders are unique. They are disruptive thinkers by nature, taking calculated risks and exerting influence over the organization. Creating engagement within the organization, they build strong teams. We find innovative customer-focused talent to align internal functions with a customer-focused approach.

Identify emerging roles

In response to ongoing shifts toward customer centricity, roles are being developed for new go-to-market leadership positions. Between July 2020 and January 2021, 17 percent of all appointments were to newly created roles like Chief Growth, Chief Customer, Chief Experience, and Chief Revenue Officers. As organizations seek to adapt to this new landscape, they must be prepared to realign leadership capabilities to meet the needs of today’s in-charge customers. We help clients make this shift to a customer-driven, digital world.

Engage the customer. Align your culture.

Culture is one of the most significant barriers to growth. Despite visible CEO sponsorship for customer centricity and increased financial investments, many corporate cultures lag in shifting to a customer-focused approach. Companies not only need to hire customer-centric talent across the C-suite, but also enable customer-focused behavior across functions. We help embed customer-centricity to ensure decision-makers are focused on both customer engagement and growth—and that the culture aligns with a customer-focused strategy.

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