Our research is clear: The highest-performing boards and the lowest-performing boards are spending the same amount of time on their work. The difference is in how they spend it. A thorough board-composition analysis helps improve a board’s effectiveness and creates more value for the business and shareholders.

Enhance board composition for higher performance

What makes for a high-performing board? It is a combination of the people who become directors, the way the board operates, and how the board chair leads. When all three of these elements are perfected, the entire board acts ethically, works better together, and delivers better results to investors and shareholders. We help boards enhance their board composition based on the strategic direction of the company, identifying the skills that they need going forward and aligning members around those priorities.

The board that looks forward

The most effective boards focus on forward-looking value creation, bolstered by directors with the right skills and experiences to help it. Boards can start with a board-composition analysis, a strategic planning process that is composed of four primary activities led by the Nominating and Governance Committee (NomCo): understanding the emerging strategy, agreeing on the skills and experiences required, creating consensus on future plans, and considering what to disclose to investors. We help boards work through all these steps and align on priorities and timing for future composition and succession.

Evolve board composition with strategy

Board composition needs to evolve with a company’s strategy. A fair, data-driven process for developing a succession plan and refreshing the board sets up the board for future success. We help equip boards with this process, as well as adding needed diversity of perspective to a board’s composition so that it represents the employees, shareholders, and customers it serves.

Thoughtful succession planning

Thoughtful succession planning is critical to an effective and high-performing board. As many board members begin to age out, decide to leave their board seats, or some may not have the skills needed for the future, boards must be prepared to have honest conversations about those that will succeed them based on a shared understanding of the future direction of the company.

A culture-focused board

Our ongoing Board Culture and Director Behaviors research gives us unique insight into what makes for an effective and high-performing boardroom. It defines what traits to look for when considering director candidates, as well as guidance for board leaders on what to do to maximize director performance as part of the board succession-planning process.

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