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For leadership to advance culture, it first needs to understand the status quo. A comprehensive culture analysis often yields surprising results.

Culture is everything. While executives may recognize this to be true, often they don’t have a good sense of their company’s prevailing culture—or worse, their sense is inaccurate. With a recent study of nearly 700 US companies showing little to no correlation between stated company values and employee perceptions of the organization, it’s clear that this gap is wide and pervasive. We help top leadership gain an honest, accurate understanding of company culture, then layout strategic and actionable plans to make lasting changes to its most crucial areas.

Manage risks and opportunities

The occasional walk through the branch office or the factory floor isn’t enough to give leadership a true, unvarnished sense of company culture. What’s more, inaccurate culture surveys can lull leadership into a false sense of security—leaving them blindsided when regulatory scrutiny takes shape, dissatisfaction erupts, or lapses in safety and security jeopardize the health and wellbeing of the workforce. When a company’s greatest asset is its people, its ability to assess culture objectively and proactively to manage risks and opportunities is essential to outperforming the competition and maintaining the confidence of shareholders, investors, and the board.

Understand beliefs and actions that demonstrate and promote your desired culture

Are employees following safety protocols or ethics guidelines? Do they feel recognized? Are they proud to work for their organization? Leadership must know the answers to all of these questions and more before creating a vision for the culture they want. Yet cultural data often lacks credibility and falls victim to a number of pitfalls: team bias, external influences, or fear of retaliation. Innovations in survey methods, advanced statistical approaches, and an emphasis on “psychological safety” help us calibrate culture in a way that is more comprehensive, nuanced—and honest.

Align culture changes with strategy

Whether you’re looking to measurably improve diversity and inclusivity, find talent in a tough labor market, or work through a transition period such as a merger or acquisition, we focus on providing the right data for the right actions to execute your strategic priorities. Knowing that culture is constantly evolving, we put systems in place to allow regular reassessments and interventions where needed, creating a feedback loop for continuous improvement. 

Activate the most important agents of change

Leadership is the single most important lever when it comes to changing culture. Changes from the top trickle down to every part of the organization, so that executives must both talk the talk and walk the walk in modeling the culture they want and expect. We help leadership understand and embrace its company culture and take steps towards improving it, as well as providing insights that can be incorporated into executive recruitment.




CEOs and CFOs believe improving culture increases company value.


In risks and turnover costs attributed with workplace culture over the last five years.


Increase in profits at companies with aligned and mature cultures versus those that fail to cultivate their cultures.

Global culture advisory leader

Gretchen Anderson

With more than 20 years of experience advising leaders across industries on the relationship between performance and culture, Gretchen ensures we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to helping you create the right company culture. That means she brings together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.


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