RRA Artemis

The world needs more women leaders.
Now’s the time to make it happen. 


The world needs more women leaders and while change is happening—it’s not happening fast enough.

RRA Artemis is our way of taking action.

We want to shift the leadership paradigm to accelerate gender equity at the top of organizations and drive exponential change.

The key to this is unlocking women's unique leadership potential, ensuring that more ambitious and talented women are at the helm of the world’s most influential organizations.

Why? Because in 2023, women accounted for only 12% of CEO appointments globally.

It’s not about conformity or trying to help women adapt to a male-dominated leadership landscape. It’s about progress, pushing to transform the path to CEO appointment, and making it more equitable.

This is about creating systemic change to the way succession is planned, managed and executed.

The scope of CEO candidacy needs to be widened. We need to amplify the strengths that women bring to the table, and accelerate women’s CEO readiness—ultimately leading to an exponential increase in women CEOs.


This is a movement

At its heart, Artemis is a celebration of the collective power of diverse perspectives and traits. Society thrives when we embrace the unique motivations, skills, and considerations of every individual—and we’re seeing the results of this every day in our own line of work.

By expediting more women to the helm as CEOs, we can collectively unlock untapped talent, co-create new CEO leadership models, and build a strong network of like-minded peers and allies who will support each other throughout their careers.

This is the first step in charting a different course to CEO and a world that benefits from leadership that knows no boundaries—and we’re incredibly excited to begin.

It isn’t about forcing diversity or shattering glass ceilings; it’s about starting with a new foundation.



The program

A key part of RRA Artemis is an exclusive program, designed to accelerate the development of women from the world’s most influential organizations into the CEO seat. We bring together CEOs, leadership advisors, industry experts, and other mentors for a program of guided mentorship, self-discovery, and peer development. 

The program aspires to:

  • Equip women with the unique insights, mentorship, and frameworks that will accelerate their readiness to be an outstanding CEO.
  • Amplify the unique strengths that women possess and help them embrace their authentic motivation.
  • Create allyship among the next generation of women CEOs.

RRA Artemis



RRA Artemis


Why we’re taking up the reins

With more than 50 years of experience and research, we know what the best CEOs of today look like—and how they need to change for tomorrow. Transforming the path to CEO appointment is crucial. The status quo (where CEO candidates walk a very particular route through their career) is part of the reason why women are sparse among CEO candidates.

We’re not willing to accept this anymore. It’s unfair to the scores of talented and inspirational women who have the tenacity to do so much for the world, but who are diverted at every turn.

With RRA Artemis, we’re giving these women the tools they need to champion their purpose, while also transforming the way the largest organizations in the world regard CEO candidacy.

To find out more about RRA Artemis, please speak to one of our consultants.