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Is your board ready for what is next? We help boards and CEOs face the unprecedented challenges that shape our world—from disruptive technology to shifting demographics to pressure from investors and regulators.

The role and responsibility of boards are becoming increasingly complex — from supporting the business to ensuring firm performance for stakeholders, while not overstepping the line between governance and management.

Be confident in your next Chief Executive Officer

Too many CEOs fail to make the mark. We dig deep into your organization’s cultural and strategic goals to truly understand your needs, then use our suite of proprietary tools and psychometric assessments to accurately predict a leader’s future performance. Don’t take any risks when it comes to choosing the person with the most impact on your company’s future.

Shape what is next, right now with a succession plan

As the pandemic laid bare, companies today must be ready for the unexpected. We help you build future-fit succession plans and identify leaders with a high learning quotient—those who have the ability to watch, listen and prepare for what’s next— giving you a bench of next-generation leaders who will thrive in an uncertain world.

Get the right directors at the table

Successful board leaders embody a mix of skills and traits that are hard to find—but experience has shown us what to look for. We outline the skills, experiences, and behaviors that your board leaders should bring to the table and identify diverse candidates who will maximize long-term value creation.

Optimize board performance and effectiveness

A strong board is a critical driver of company performance in a volatile world. We identify the specific behaviors, actions, and processes that will help your board maximize its positive impact on corporate results.

Foster positive alignment between the board and CEO

The best directors don’t just ask CEOs penetrating questions; they also provide thoughtful actionable guidance on how they can effectively translate strategy into action. Our expert teams help strengthen relationships and build alignment between your board and the CEO.

Keep ahead of ESG  

Investors today demand more than quarterly results from boards; they want to see clear ESG oversight and disclosure. We provide insights around investor expectations, with practical advice on strengthening disclosure around ESG oversight.

Introducing the board & CEO advisory partners 

The Board & CEO Advisory Group (BCAP), a division of Russell Reynolds Associates, is a dedicated, expertise-based consulting team that works with the CEOs and boards of corporations to provide advice and counsel on board and executive leadership, Board and CEO succession planning, corporate governance, and Board performance and cultural matters.

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Our leadership and governance advice focuses on sustainable value creation. BCAP’s multidisciplinary team is composed of highly experienced consultants with industry sector, leadership assessment and development, and governance expertise. These teams work seamlessly across borders and industries to solve the most critical and sensitive leadership issues of boards and management. Our consultants bring first-hand experience in law, governance, management and organizational consulting, digital transformation, and organizational psychology. For every engagement, we assemble a tailored, multi-disciplinary team to address our client's unique challenges and goals in an integrated, comprehensive way.

Our expertise comes from insights learned from many years advising Global 1000 and large family company boards, CEOs, and executive teams around their greatest leadership and governance challenges. We supplement this with an external perspective derived from our engagement with investors, asset managers, proxy advisors, and academics as well as our own Board of Advisors to help clients understand the trends that will shape governance globally.


Global board & CEO advisory leaders

With more than 120 years of combined experience in executive search, our board and CEO advisory leaders ensure we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to your greatest leadership challenges. That means we bring together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.



Board & CEO advisory insights





The Board’s Role in Sustainable Leadership

In this study, we examine the attributes that make executive leaders effective at driving sustainability outcomes.

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