Embracing the Growth Curve

The right leadership team is crucial for successfully scaling the growth curve and pivoting to profitability. While effort to scale can be highly rewarding, it is also uniquely challenging.


Organizations with well-prepared leaders and cohesive leadership teams are proven to navigate more effectively through the challenges and inflection points to successful outcomes.

Scaling through the growth curve creates a unique set of talent challenges at each milestone, particularly when that path is not linear and, at times, unpredictable. We advise growth companies on building the strongest leadership teams, resilient organizational structures, and building effective boards for sustainable and profitable growth. We meet you where you are on the curve with the expertise, playbook and insight gained from our depth of experience working with clients from early-stage through to titan.

A curated cadence of functional brilliance

The unique needs of your business, balanced with market conditions and opportunity, will inform the optimal cadence and sequence of building your C-suite team. Making key foundational hires at the right point in time, such as an early CFO or CTO, and progressing to other C-suite disciplines such as go-to-market and corporate officers, will ensure your business is ready to meet the market.

Building an effective board, fit for the market

As your company moves through the growth curve, it is critical to consider the varied and complementary skillsets required on your board. This includes the addition of independent directors, who may have experience as a seasoned CEO or other operating executive - who can bring critical “pattern recognition” and market knowledge - as well as an independent Qualified Financial Expert, or other complementary functional expertise.

Embodying a richly diverse talent community from the outset

A keen focus on diversity from the outset is imperative to the long term sustainability of your growth. Attracting and retaining diverse talent is overwhelmingly dependent on the inclusivity of the organization. Connectivity with diverse talent communities and taking a systematic and equitable approach to every hire, enables gaps to be filled quickly and seamlessly with expertise and experience, ensuring a diverse balance across your team.

Our commitment to your growth

We are deeply committed to supporting our clients and ensuring their success as they progress through the growth curve. Our multi-disciplinary, global team brings targeted ecosystem knowledge, deep connectivity to the community, and best in class pattern recognition, coupled with a highly-collaborative and agile approach.

  • Advisory experts: We bring diverse teams of sector, functional and advisory experts to each project and client relationship
  • A transparent and real time process: We work collaboratively and in real time with you, leveraging both our digital collaboration platform and frequent touchpoints
  • Communities: We have built deep and connected communities of C-suite leaders, board members and investors spanning the growth curve and are committed to supporting and enabling the next-generation of the ecosystem
  • Data-driven advice: We have built a suite of data-driven insights and a best practice playbook, enabling us to give you optimal advice regarding your C-suite needs


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