Legal, Risk, & Compliance

Today's executive teams need dynamic legal, risk, and compliance leaders who are able to protect the organization while advancing its mission, purpose and strategy.

Whether it is the pressures from public and private shareholders to myriad stakeholders and ever-expanding regulatory frameworks, organizations face a seemingly never-ending labyrinth of hurdles. We find dynamic leaders who see each challenge as an opportunity for growth and are able to navigate this high-pressure and ever-changing world with ease.

Business partners with stellar advisory skills

Every business must deal with external pressures and an array of laws and regulations that touch every aspect of the organization. We look for stalwart advisors with enterprise leadership skills and a strategic mindset who can serve as valued members of the C-suite, working across the organization to find solutions.

Focus on diversity

The advancement of diversity in the c-suite has been mightily aided by the positive forces propelling diverse leaders into general counsel roles. Overwhelmingly, research shows businesses with different voices perform better. We have deep relationships with diverse networks and leverage a data-driven approach to remove bias from the hiring process. This is evident in our successful track record with the appointment of more female and ethnically diverse candidates to general counsel roles.  Keys to this success as well are the robust succession planning and leadership development initiatives our clients undertake.

Be all about ESG

Environmental, social and governance issues top every organization’s priority list. Businesses need demonstrated leadership on ESG to meet the standards and expectations of investors and array of stakeholders urgently pressing these issues to the fore.

Protect and advance the business through technology

Tech-savvy legal, risk, and compliance leaders are critically important to address threats from cyber-attacks while enabling the business to leverage technology to meet the demands of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Engage external stakeholders

Ensuring proactive, transparent, and productive engagement with external stakeholders – including regulators, legislators, and political entities – is just as critical as maintaining internal controls. Risk mitigation requires proactive action, building relationships before you need them, and educating stakeholders on a business’ value and impact. Most importantly, door opening isn’t enough; this all stems from business strategy. We leverage our global team of government and regulatory affairs experts, across all regional centers of power, to ensure our clients have the right strategic, tapped-in, influential leaders in place.

Global legal, risk & compliance leader

Jennifer O’Connell

Jennifer leads the Global Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates. She is a client relationship manager for several key accounts and also works closely with the Board & CEO Advisory Practice.


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