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Patricia Tan
Executive summary
A Board Readiness roundtable to connect successful women board members in tech with senior executives looking for their first board seat.


Boards today are being held more publicly accountable for their companies’ strategies to remain competitive in the future, with technology playing an increasingly important role in defining that. We are seeing strong demand for board members who understand the implication of technology at the commercial, financial and technical levels, for people who can bring different backgrounds and different perspectives to this ever-evolving discussion. Technology expertise is, by definition, a skill acquired in the past decade, meaning that many potential technology board members are still sitting executives. While tremendous progress has been made to bring more women on boards, there is still significant work yet to be done.

RRA Singapore will be hosting an closed-door Board Readiness roundtable for women leaders in tech, with the intention of connecting successful women board members with aspiring senior executives in the tech sector. The value of this community lies in the opportunity to connect, learn and share, in the hopes of helping aspiring women leaders in tech transit into their first board seat.



Event Date: April 4, 2023

The session will be hosted by: Patricia Tan and Alaina Chua.