Leadership Analytics: Predictors of CEO Success

Every organization wants to hire the best CEO for their journey ahead. But is it actually possible to predict CEO success?


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Far too many companies still base critical decisions about their next CEO on track record, gut-feel, and, yes, familiarity. We want to do moreand we believe we can do more. 

In the Leadership Analytics Lab we seek to answer:



Is there a link between CEO psychology and organizational performance?


Which CEO traits have the biggest impact on organizational performance?


Can we predict CEO candidates' likelihood of success? 

The link between CEO psychology and organizational performance

We envision a future where we wield data the same way other industries do. A future where data analytics changes the rules of the game. A future where we centralize, anonymize, and analyze fields of psychometric data about CEOs and company performance to help organizations make even more refined decisions when selecting the right candidate for the top job.  

We don’t know exactly where this journey to self-disruption will take us. Why? Because for decades, swathes of academics, consultants, and data scientists have tried (and failed) to prove a clear link between psychology and business success.

Yet we know that the organizations we work with are desperate to understand the secret sauce of what makes a great CEO. So, we are determined to embark on the journey.


The visionaries of the Leadership Analytics Lab

We’ll partner with clients, communities, academia, and non-profits to drive our mission forward and ultimately think differently about the future of leadership.

Morten Sorensen

Morten Sorensen
The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Constantine Alexandrakis

Constantine Alexandrakis
Russell Reynolds Associates

Tom Handcock

Tom Handcock
Russell Reynolds Associates

Dean Stamoulis

Dean Stamoulis
Russell Reynolds Associates

Amy Scissons

Amy Scissons
Russell Reynolds Associates



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