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Great board leadership has the power to generate growth through governance. In the best boards, directors set the course toward ever-greater stakeholder engagement and shareholder value, directing organizations where they need to go.


But, as the pressures on boards become increasingly complex—with shareholders clamoring for action on sustainability, diversity, and innovation—how can you drive such visionary board leadership without crossing the line between governance and management?

The 9 behaviors of highly effective boards
Our survey of more than 1,100 board directors found that, collectively, effective boards always show seven behaviors and sometimes demonstrate two:
‘always on’ behaviors
Focused attention
Commitment to an inclusive culture
Short-and long-term thinking
Constructively challenging
Cultivate a relationship with the CEO
Openness to diverse view
frequent behaviors
Avoid “groupthink”
Cultivate relationships with fellow directors
Board members are key to corporate sustainability
As sustainability demands grow throughout society, it’s essential for board leaders to know how to drive sustainability actions across their organizations.
How should boards oversee DE&I?
Our interviews with 27 board leaders from global companies uncovered the factors that make boards successful in their DE&I oversight.
What differentiates a top-performing board?
Our survey of more than 1,100board directors uncovered the secrets of Gold Medal Boards, those that are highly effective and oversee an organization that consistently outperforms its peers.


How we support board leadership


The future of your organization depends on a dynamic, visionary board. We work with you to recruit and develop board members with the skills and experience to ensure long-term success.


Assess board effectiveness


Advancing board performance and effectiveness take a multiyear assessment system—not a once-a-year event. Our systematic approach shows investors, regulators, and other key stakeholders that the board is future-oriented and performance-focused.


Optimize board performance


A strong board drives organizational performance. We work with your team to build the behaviors, actions, and processes that will help them maximize their positive impact on corporate results.


Plan for succession


Companies must always be ready for the unexpected. We help you build succession plans for your board and C-suite. We also work with you to find high-potential individuals, giving you a bench of next-generation leaders who will thrive in an uncertain world.


Find the right directors


Successful board leaders are hard to find—but experience has shown us what to look for. We outline the skills, experiences, and behaviors your board members should bring to the table and find diverse candidates who will maximize long-term value creation.


Align the board and CEO


The best directors don’t just ask CEOs penetrating questions, they also give thoughtful, actionable guidance on how to effectively translate strategy into action. Our expert teams help strengthen relationships and align your board and CEO.


Answer ESG demands


Investors today demand more than quarterly results from boards, they want to see clear ESG oversight and disclosure. We provide insights around investor expectations, with practical advice on strengthening disclosure of ESG oversight.


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What are the behaviours of highly effective boards?
Our research shows that highly effective boards adopt seven ‘always on’ behaviours and two frequent behaviours.
‘Always on’ behaviours
  • Focused attention
  • Questioning
  • Commitment to an inclusive culture
  • Short and long-term thinking
  • Constructively challenging
  • Cultivating a relationship with the CEO
  • Openness to a diverse view
Frequent behaviours
  • Avoiding ‘groupthink’
  • Cultivating relationships with fellow directors
How often should board effectiveness be assessed?
Assessments to evaluate board performance and effectiveness should happen at multiple points across the year—not just once. This systematic approach assures key stakeholders that the board is future-oriented and performance-focused.
How can boards drive sustainability outcomes?
Our research into the board’s role in sustainability action illuminated a 10-step roadmap built around the issues of: board leadership; board culture; purpose, strategy, and risk alignment; structure and process; and people and composition.
How can I ensure I my board prioritizes DE&I?
There are two types of DE&I expertise to prioritize in board recruitment:
  • Experience navigating cultural and legal DE&I terrains.
  • Experience ensuring DE&I strategy is consistent with the organization’s mission.

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