Redefiners: Leadership Lounge

Hosted By:
Emma Combe
四月 12, 2023 | 3 min
Front-row seats to great leadership
Want to know what the world’s best leaders do differently?

In this brand new podcast mini-series from Russell Reynolds Associates, we give you unfettered access to our global team of veteran leadership experts, who share real-world answers to your most-pressing leadership questions—from how to land your first board role to how to recover from failure.

Hosted by RRA leadership advisor Emma Combe, each 10-minute episode lifts the curtain on how great leaders think, act, and lead, helping you build your own leadership muscles, whether you’re just starting out or already at the top.

Leadership Lounge is the sister series to our award-winning podcast Redefiners, which interviews courageous leaders who are redefining their organization—and themselves—to deliver extraordinary results.


Listen to our episodes

Episode 1 - How can you get on a board—and stay there?

Episode 2 - What top companies ask during executive interviews

Episode 3 - How to recover from failure

Episode 4 - How to accelerate your leadership journey after a career break

Meet our Host

Emma Combe

Emma is a leadership expert who helps top organizations find future-ready CEOs, board chairs, and executive and non-executive directors. She is passionate about identifying and developing the next generation of leaders who have what it takes to steer companies forward in a fast-moving world.


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Emma Combe