Leadership Lounge | Ep. 5 - What new leaders get wrong

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October 04, 2023 | 13 min
Executive Summary
Becoming a leader is an exciting (and daunting) milestone. Here we share the common pitfalls.

Leadership Lounge | Ep. 5
What new leaders get wrong

Whether you’re joining the C-suite for the first time or are about to take on the coveted CEO role—the stakes are high.

For CEOs in particular, you have the unique challenge of transitioning into a role that only a small number of people have ever held.

Any mistakes or missteps made will impact the entire organization, as well as investors, and stakeholders. Couple that with the fact that the current business climate is turbulent at best, and it makes for an incredibly complex role.

How do new leaders put their best foot forward? What sets successful leaders apart?

In this episode of Leadership Lounge, we put these questions and more to four of our leadership advisors; Shannon Knott, Joey Berk, Ty Wiggins, and David Lange. Here they use their extensive experience speaking with new leaders to share their tips and tricks.

Tune in to discover why as a new leader you no longer need to be the smartest person in the room, the importance of humility, and why you need to become comfortable with constructive conflict.

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