Leadership Lounge | Ep. 8 - Advice on when—and how—to weigh in on social issues

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March 27, 2024 | 15 min
Executive Summary
We share how leaders can best prepare their response to social issues.

Leadership Lounge | Ep. 8
Advice on when—and how—to weigh in on social issues


Today’s CEOs are not just trusted to deliver on profits and lead their organizations forward. They’re also tasked with driving broader societal change.

For the past few years, Edelman’s Trust Barometer has consistently found that business leaders are the most trusted group in society, ahead of the media and government. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Society has now come to expect leaders to take a public position on an increasing number of complex issues—from climate catastrophes and geopolitical flare-ups, to changes in legislation and social justice movements like Black Lives Matter.

But, taking a stand can carry huge risks. When is the right time to raise your head above the parapet? How can you best prepare and position your response to ensure your personal and professional reputation remains intact? What would we advise CEOs to say—and not say?

In this episode of Leadership Lounge, we put these questions and more to four of our esteemed leadership advisors: Ty Wiggins, Kimberly Archer, Richard Davis, and Laura Mantoura. Here, our guests shed some light on how leaders can navigate this minefield and find a path forward that’s right for them—and their organization.

Tune in to discover why it’s important that leaders don’t speak up on every social issue, and why active listening and authenticity are key when crafting your response.

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