Leadership Lounge | Ep. 1 - How can you get on a board—and stay there?

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April 19, 2023 | 10 min
The board director role is one of the most coveted roles in business. But how do you land your first board seat?

Leadership Lounge | Ep. 1
How can you get on a board—and stay there?

We invited RRA leadership advisors Alvin Chiang and Anupama Puranik into the Leadership Lounge to share why a board role isn’t just something you should think about once you’ve already made it.

Gone are the days when boards are only populated with ex-CEOs, CFOs or other senior leaders. As new issues emerge at breakneck speed—sustainability, DE&I, digital transformation, economic volatility, and geopolitical tensions—boards need diversity of thought more than ever before.

Leaders who can help boards steer confidently into the unknown are now in high demand. As Alvin Chiang makes clear: Being a board director is no longer just about stopping the ship from sinking. It’s about making sure there’s a strategy for sailing your boat and crew from point A to point B.

Tune in to discover more about what sets great board directors apart—and how to land your first board role (and stay there).

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