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It’s time for a new conversation about technology

Unlocking exponential value from technology is a leadership effort. Every leader on your board and executive team has a role to play in pivoting your organization towards a more tech-enabled and customer-centric future.


spent on digital transformation efforts in 2021.*

70 %

of digital transformation efforts fail.**

*Source: Statistica | **Source: BCG

Building a team to change the game

Achieving your technology ambitions is no easy feat. It’s a never-ending process that involves your entire leadership team and touches every corner of your business. The organizations that understand this are outperforming their competitors.

It’s time to rethink conventional wisdom about technology.


Building a team to change the game


How we partner with you to capture the TechVantage

To find advantage through technology, you need to know how and where to apply it within your ecosystem. We’ll help you build a leadership team and organizational culture to do just that.


Understand where you are in the digital maturity curve

Do you know where you are in your tech evolution—and where you need to be? We use proprietary methodologies to understand the digital maturity of your leaders, culture, and organization—then partner with you to develop a plan to gain an advantage from tech.


Find and develop leaders who understand how technology drives growth

To unlock the real value of technology, you need board and C-suite leaders who can manage immense changes while inspiring others towards an ambitious tech vision. We use our years of data-backed executive search experience, unparalleled market insights, and rigorous, unbiased selection process to find and invest in tech-savvy leaders across your organization and set them up to hit the ground running.


Embed technology acumen within leadership performance

When growth hinges on technology, you need impartial ways to assess every leader’s tech acumen, including your board directors, CEO, and CxOs. Our proprietary tools and method help you embed digital skills and thinking into leadership assessment, so you can recruit and develop great leaders who understand the opportunity of technology and how to unlock it.


Build tech-savvy leadership teams

As technology cuts across organizational silos, leaders will only grasp its full potential and sustain high business performance when they work as a team. We use our unrivaled data on successful leadership and psychometric tests to find the best ways for your executive teams to work together while delivering on their individual priorities.


Nurture a tech culture to foster innovation

TechVantage requires leaders who know how to drive cultural change. Our scientific approach to culture development uncovers future-looking, actionable insights on how to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech culture. Our tailor-made assessment and development processes also continuously measure culture at both individual and team levels, ensuring everyone is ready to capture an advantage from tech.


How we’ve helped leaders gain TechVantage



A CEO’s story of securing a pipeline of digitally-smart leaders

This is a story of how a company is finding the leaders it needs to gain an advantage from technology, from the point of view of its CEO.

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Global TechVantage leaders

With 125 years of combined experience in advising global leaders, our global TechVantage leaders ensure we bring the full power of our one-firm approach to helping you unlock the exponential value of technology. That means we bring together the right team to meet your organization’s needs.



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