The New CEO: How to Nail Your First Year in Role

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Ty Wiggins
Executive Summary
A fireside chat with Forever 21’s Winnie Park and RRA’s Ty Wiggins on how new CEOs can start well and perform quickly.


A CEO’s first 12-18 months is the most decisive period during their time at the top. Get it right, and you will set the foundation for the bold moves you’ll ultimately be remembered for. Get it wrong, and you may struggle to recover lost ground.

Watch our event with Winnie Park, CEO at Forever 21, and RRA leadership advisor and author Ty Wiggins on how CEOs can navigate this high-stakes career moment.

Winnie Park and Ty Wiggins discuss RRA’s latest book, The New CEO: How to Start Well and Perform Quickly (Minus the Common Mistakes), which offers the inside track on how world-leading CEOS approach their first 18 months in role.


You’ll learn

  • The risks (and rewards) during CEO transitions
  • The biggest surprises new CEOs face
  • The top priorities of new CEOs—where to act fast and slow down
  • Stories from world-leading CEOs on the transition lessons they learned


About the hosts


Winnie Park joined Forever 21 as CEO in 2022. A seasoned executive and inspirational leader, she is passionate about reinventing and reinvigorating world-leading brands. Before joining Forever 21, Winnie transformed Paper Source from a brick-and-mortar retailer to a lifestyle brand with a robust digital platform.



Ty Wiggins is a leadership expert who is committed to setting up new CEOs for success. As the lead of Russell Reynolds Associates’ CEO & Transitions Practice globally, he helps world-leading CEOs successfully transition into their roles, to unlock business (and personal) success—faster.



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