Shoon Lim

Shoon Lim is a leading expert in diversity, equity and inclusion, bringing global perspectives to clients and helping them to develop intentional and inclusive DE&I strategies and practices that are embedded into their organizations’ purpose and culture.


Shoon is the Global Head of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates. She partners with clients to support the development and growth of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) as a key proposition for business performance globally, with deep expertise in Asia Pacific.

Based in Singapore, she has a proven track record of blending her business experience with DE&I advisory to transform organizational culture.

Previously, Shoon was the Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Givaudan, where she established the firm’s DE&I strategy, plans, and operating frameworks to enable strategic growth. Prior to this role, she worked on DE&I at Shell and Microsoft—and became known as a trusted expert in this rapidly evolving and dynamic practice. She started her career in business roles at Shell, spanning operations, branding, business transformation, change management, and business planning.

She is passionate about enabling people, leaders, and organizations to realize their full potential and feels truly privileged to be in a position that allows her to tap into that passion to make a difference every day, changing the way the world is led, inclusively, equitably and diversely.

“To truly have sustained diversity in place that transforms culture and unleash innovation, intentional inclusion needs to be at the heart of equitable solutions.”

Shoon graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration (Honors) from the National University of Singapore. A single parent, she lives in Singapore with four adorable children who do an excellent job of feeding her curiosity, grounding her in humility, keeping her agile and helping her to grow and learn every day.

She speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and is conversant in German and Singapore Sign Language.

INSEAD recordings “How Business Leaders can craft successful DE&I strategies for the Asia-Pacific Region” (Spotify and YouTube)

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