2022 Global Leadership Monitor


The Global Leadership Monitor (first launched in 2021) is an annual online survey of executives and non-executives. The Global Leadership Monitor tracks key threats to organizational health and leadership preparedness to face them, as well as indicators of confidence in leadership, and leaders' engagement and career aspirations. Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed its global network of executives using an online/mobile survey in March of 2022.

The 1,590 business leaders we surveyed represent:

46 countries in Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.

All data has been weighted by GDP to create a more representative share of business contribution from each market.



Survey Demographics

A variety of regions:

A variety of regions



A variety of sectors:

 A variety of sectors



A variety of roles: 

A variety of roles:




A variety of business sizes and types:  

  • 27% with annual revenues of $10 billion USD or higher  
  • 50% with 5,000 global employees or more
  • 52% publicly traded, 17% private equity or venture-backed, and 20% private ownership

Not all percentages in charts add up to 100% as a result of rounding percentages and the decision in certain cases to exclude the display of certain sectors and “neither/nor,” “other,” “none of the above,” and “don’t know” responses.




Jemi Crookes and Tom Handcock of RRA’s Center for Leadership Insight conducted the research and authored this report.

Learn more about the authors and The Center for Leadership Insight

The authors wish to thank the 1,500+ leaders from RRA’s global network who completed the 2022 Global Leadership Monitor. Their responses to the survey have contributed greatly to our understanding of leadership in 2022 and beyond.


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2022 Global Leadership Monitor

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