Organizational approaches to culture have shifted due to evolving shareholder expectations and a growing focus on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility.

As people take a renewed interest in workplace culture, organizations have the opportunity to refresh their leadership practices for cultural success. The end goal is a strong and inclusive culture that enables financial and operational success.

Our state-of-the-art culture analytics approach measures employees’ alignment with a variety of corporate priorities, from financial integrity to sustainability. The insights it surfaces enable leaders to quickly pinpoint both where and why problems may be emerging.

Improve organizational culture

Do you know what your workforce looks like, sounds like, and believes? How do your employees feel about their jobs, their coworkers, and their employer? Strong organizational cultures empower employees to perform at their best, while weak cultures are prime targets for dissatisfied workers or job seekers. We help organizations diagnose what is really going on within their walls, so they can take steps towards improving it.

Meet DE&I and equitable search goals

CEOs and their teams, as well as boards, have the responsibility of making sure their workforces reflect the world around them. Diverse and inclusive cultures also create a welcoming environment for talent in a competitive market and create cohesive, unified teams that drive creativity and innovation.

Help leaders create an inclusive culture

Strong and inclusive culture starts at the top. Executives must embrace coherent culture and values to enhance their own team effectiveness and lead by example. We equip leaders with the skills to talk about culture, values, and diversity.

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