Energy Matters: Event Series


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Energy Matters brings industrialists and investors together to debate the big themes that matter across the energy value chain.

Our global team hosts a program of events each year for senior leaders. This provides an opportunity to share learnings as we navigate the major challenges and opportunities created as we race towards carbon net-zero. We have captured the key highlights from some of these meetings below.

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Highlights and Insights




Decarbonization for Hard-To-Abate Sectors.

We are delighted to be joined by Occo Roelofsen, Founding Partner of Power2X, to debate the key drivers and opportunities shaping the decarbonization landscape.

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Future of Hydrogen

The future of hydrogen and the role that the regulators, customers and industry play in scaling the emerging green hydrogen economy.

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People and Money

We explore the big themes impacting carbon reduction and shareholder returns.

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Tomorrow’s Transportation Industry

The themes, challenges and market opportunities around transformational technologies shaping the future of mobility.

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