Important Notice: Employment and Recruitment Scams

We have observed a significant increase in efforts by parties with malicious intent to send scamming and phishing messages to our contacts and potential candidates pretending to have a job opportunity. Those sending these messages are attempting to use the name, logo and goodwill of Russell Reynolds Associates (“RRA”)  to take advantage of your trust. They may reach out to you on WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, or other similar platforms to obtain personal or financial information. We want to alert you to this practice to help protect you against these recruitment scams.

Please be aware of the existence of these recruitments scams and keep the following in mind when engaging in a recruiting process.

How to spot a recruitment scam and protect yourself:

  • Verify Email Addresses: Double-check the sender's email address, especially if you did not expect to be contacted. Phishers often use email addresses that resemble legitimate ones with subtle variations. Confirm the title and office location of the individual if you are concerned about the origin of the message. If contacted by email, RRA employees will only contact you from their email addresses.

  • Consider the Offered Job Opportunity: Determine whether the offer is realistic and of the type for which RRA would recruit, considering offered compensation, scope, and current career trajectory.  Be especially wary if no interview is requested or the job is offered immediately.

  • Be careful before Sharing Personal Information: Check links by hovering over them in emails or messages to preview the actual URL before clicking. Do not share personal information unless you are certain you are communicating with a RRA employee or are active on a RRA website.

  • Avoid clicking on Suspicious Attachments: Be wary of unexpected email attachments, especially from unknown senders. Malicious attachments can contain malware that compromises your device's security.

  • Be Skeptical of Urgent Requests or Requests for Money: Phishers often create a sense of urgency. If you are pressured to act quickly not to lose the job opportunity, take extra precautions and verify the request independently. Further, RRA does not charge candidates to be considered for an opportunity with one of our clients.

Russell Reynolds Associates prides itself on its high quality of service and trustworthy way of operating. Should you doubt the origin of a message, we recommend you do not respond and do not share any personal information. You can always verify the contact details of our employees on our website or LinkedIn and reach out to them directly. Please do not hesitate to report any suspicious messages to the operator of the messaging or recruitment platform and to