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There’s one thing for certain: Tamara McCleary sees things differently – and that’s precisely what makes her perspective so captivating. In this episode of Redefiners, we talk with Tamara about how her circuitous career path—from helicopter trauma nurse to cancer researcher to CEO of Thulium—has informed how she leads. Primarily, by being a close listener and a continuous learner – two essential traits of successful leaders, she says. Tamara shares her perspectives on the future of technology and offers a pretty urgent insight to our listeners: that we as leaders must make technology accessible and equitable for all, that technology should be used to better serve humanity, and leaders are in the unique position to make that happen.

Tamara McCleary

CEO of Thulium

Tamara is currently a full-time graduate student at Harvard University pursuing dual degrees at both the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Divinity School. Her academic research areas of focus are science, technology & public purpose, ethics, transhumanism, existential risk with a scholarly deep dive into ancient apocalyptic texts. Tamara began her career in 1987 as a trauma and critical care nurse. In 1993 she launched bringing new medical technologies to market in Silicon Valley. Tamara is also founder and CEO of Thulium and serves as a unique advisor to leading global organizations.