Leading Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis - APAC CHRO Webinar

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Executive Summary
Peter L. O’Brien and leading CHROs discussed how they are preparing for a post-COVID future.


CHROs are at the forefront of organizational responses to leading beyond the COVID-19 crisis, playing critical roles in enabling their workforces adapt to innovative new ways of connecting and working, and shaping how their businesses evolve in a dynamic new world.

During this video forum, Russell Reynolds APAC Regional Leader Peter L. O’Brien facilitated a discussion with leading CHROs on how the how they are preparing for a post-COVID future and, as critically, how we can learn from companies who are early movers.

Panelists included:

  • Angela Ryan, Group CHRO, IHH Healthcare Berhad  
  • Krish Shankar, Group Head – HR, Infosys  
  • Lu Hong, Senior Vice President – HR, Pfizer Upjohn  
  • Soorya Themudu, HR Director, Asia Pacific, Sodexo  
  • Tina Busch, Asia Pacific Vice President of HR, Kimberly Clark  
  • Vikram Cardozo, CHRO, Toll Group

Topics included:

Current State Challenges and Lessons Learned Thus Far  

  • What are the central challenges confronting HR leaders today, and what are the most critical lessons that we’ve learned?  

Resetting the World of Work  

  • We are seeing profound and permanent changes to how work gets done, how our cultures evolve, and the nature of the employer-employee relationship. Given the diversity of counties within our global and regional portfolios what are HR Leaders experiencing and how are they leveraging learnings from others? 

Quickly Sensing Change to Continuously Evolve  

  • As ambiguity increases in the world and complex decisions need to be made at speed, how are Leaders learning to sense and anticipate change? How are HR Leaders supporting continuous change?  

Reprioritizing Talent Investments  

  • As HR leaders make strategic choices, what are they prioritizing and deprioritizing? What are they radically changing?  

Reassessing Leaders  

  • What does this changing environment tell us about the type of Leaders we need in the future? What implications does that hold for leadership development and succession planning?  

Reevaluating the Role of HR  

  • What does this changing environment revealed about our teams? How do we expect our roles to change?