Russell Reynolds Associates Co-hosted the 6th China & Overseas Board Forum, Exploring AI's Role in Corporate Governance

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Grace Cheng


On March 28, 2024, the 6th China & Overseas Board Forum, jointly hosted by Russell Reynolds Associates, the Institute of Directors (IoD), and the China Corporate Governance 50 Forum, took place virtually in Beijing and London. The forum discussed the challenges and opportunities of incorporating AI technology into corporate governance.

For the sixth year running, the Forum convened a distinguished gathering of renowned experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from China and abroad. They shared their views and practices on the challenges and opportunities of AI governance and offered valuable suggestions for Chinese enterprises. Key speakers are:

  • Jonathan Geldart, Director General of the Institute of Directors
  • Chu Xuping, Researcher at the Research Center for China Business, Tsinghua University, Executive Director of the Academic Committee of the China Corporate Governance 50 Forum
  • Grace Cheng, Non-Executive Chairman of Russell Reynolds Associates Greater China, Expert Member of the China Corporate Governance 50 Forum
  • Shao Zili, Founder and Chairman of Shanghai MountVue Capital Management, Former Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan China
  • Zheng Zhigang, Professor at the School of Finance of Renmin University of China
  • Roger Barker, Director of Policy and Corporate Governance of the Institute of Directors
  • Chen Feng, Expert Member of the China Corporate Governance 50 Forum, Visiting Scholar at Harvard University
  • Ning Lutao, IoD China Chair, Professor of International Business at Queen Mary, University of London.

As AI application scenarios continue to evolve and diversify, enterprises and other relevant stakeholders are bound to face a myriad of opportunities and challenges at different levels. It is imperative for enterprises to adapt to these changes proactively, integrating AI technology into their corporate governance framework, and enhancing both internal and external governance mechanisms. This proactive approach is essential not only for the day-to-day operations and management of enterprises but also for fostering the long-term, sustainable growth of the AI industry. By aligning AI technology with robust governance practices, enterprises can pave the way for mutually beneficial development and ensure a win-win outcome for all stakeholders involved.

The China & Overseas Board Forum is committed to fostering cross-border connections as a prominent international exchange forum. It upholds the values of cooperation and communication, collaboratively establishing a platform for exchange and a network for cooperation. The forum aims to assist enterprises in finding AI governance solutions tailored to their national context and to develop director training programs aligned with the growth of Chinese enterprises.

This is an excerpt from the Chinese press release 第六届中外董事论坛圆满落幕:共议AI与企业治理深度融合,引领企业治理新时代. To read the full article in Chinese, click here.