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How do you ensure you are building your talent internally at all levels of the organization and building inclusivity and diversity in your succession plans? When is it right for you to ‘buy' talent rather than ‘build' talent? Most importantly, as CEOs, when is the right time to think about your own succession?

We discussed these strategic questions and some of the best lessons our esteemed panelists have learned in the talent development process during the ‘CEOs Unplugged – Building, Not Buying, Your Team: A Natural Way to Develop Strong Leadership’ session at AdvaMed’s annual MedTech Conference.


The Panel

Alessandra Pasini  

Doug Godshall
President & CEO | Shockwave Medical, Inc.
CEOs Unplugged Panelist



Will Gardiner  

Kevin Lobo
Chair and Chief Executive Officer | Stryker Corporation
CEOs Unplugged Panelist



Alessandra Pasini  

Leslie Trigg
President & CEO | Outset Medical
CEOs Unplugged Panelist



Alessandra Pasini  

Nanaz Mohtashami
Managing Director & Global Practice Leader, MedTech | Russell Reynolds Associates
CEOs Unplugged Moderator



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