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How are financial services firms advancing sustainability?


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As providers of capital to other industries, financial services firms have a big opportunity—and obligation—to lead the way on sustainability. Our research shows financial institutions know that fulfilling that obligation has the potential to unlock significant benefits.


 More engaged employees

  Lower risks

 Stronger partnerships

 More efficient operations

 New product potential


Yet, globally, the financial services industry has one of the lowest sustainability ratings of any sector.

Despite increasing awareness around the benefits of sustainability across financial services, organizational barriers are hampering real progress.

We surveyed 99 C-suite executives, 162 next-generation leaders, and 582 employees across financial services to understand the scale of the challenge focusing on

  • Why sustainability is a competitive advantage
  • Where the financial services sector currently stands
  • Leadership actions financial services institutions can take going forward

Discover what we found out in our latest research report.






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Sustainability is now the defining issue of our time