#PivotToProgress: Q&A with Simon Paris

Industry TrendsDigital TransformationBoard and CEO Advisory
min Interview
David Mills
October 19, 2020
1 min
Industry TrendsDigital TransformationBoard and CEO Advisory
Finastra CEO Simon Paris discusses the growing importance of purpose-driven leadership in this video interview.


Simon Paris is CEO, Finastra and NED Everbridge Inc. 


In our #PivottoProgress series we interview key leaders from mission-critical, digitally-enabled industries across all sectors in Europe, as they discuss how they are actively “pivoting to progress” throughout the Covid-19 curve. From them, we heard of substantial changes occurring along four key themes: Technology, Organisational Effectiveness, Guidance & Governance, and New Bets.

In this video, Simon spoke to David Mills, Managing Director at Russell Reynolds Associates about the growing importance of purpose driven leadership.

The interviews in this series informed the content of our study, “The European Voice from the Top: Six Covid-Era Leadership Imperatives to #PivotToProgress,” in which we gain a better understanding of what will be required of leaders in the coming years.