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“Our world is rapidly changing and so are the needs and expectations of our clients, colleagues, partners, and the communities where we live and work.

As a firm, we prepare leaders to face the future and stay ahead in a fast-moving world. We have a responsibility to live and breathe the advice we give to clients on how to lead with purpose and navigate the challenges that directly affect society and our planet.

There’s enormous value in pivoting our business toward a more sustainable future. It will help us find new ways to bring people together and help us better look after our communities, our planet, and each other. There will be much we learn along the way—and our commitment to transparency means we will share these stories, so we can all learn from our successes and shortfalls. We hope that by doing so we will inspire an even bigger community of leaders who are ready to take on more complex business challenges and create a better future for all.

We know we have a big undertaking ahead, but we also know how passionate we are to succeed on this journey. We will always be driven by our purpose to improve the way the world is led.”

Constantine Alexandrakis
Chief Executive Officer


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