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Shoon brings a global perspective to her clients in Asia-Pacific, developing strategic DEI practices and building forward-thinking teams.

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Shoon Lim partners with clients as they develop and grow DEI strategies to enhance business performance. Based in Singapore, she has a proven track record of blending her business experience with DEI advisory to transform organizational culture.

Previously, Shoon was the Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Givaudan. In that role, she established the firm’s DEI strategy, plans, and operating frameworks to enable strategic growth. Before that, Shoon worked on DEI at a variety of global organizations – including Shell and Microsoft­ – and soon became known as a trusted expert in this rapidly evolving and dynamic practice. She started her career in business roles spanning operations, branding, business transformation, and change management.

“ATM = Always Trust Magic. Pay attention to those magnificent moments where purpose and random happenstance seem to intersect.” - Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Shoon holds a bachelor’s in business administration with honors from the National University of Singapore.
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Culture Analytics Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory

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