Rahul Thapar

In a world of ever-increasing change, Rahul brings experience in research and deep actionable insights to help clients align with the right talent and generate sustainable value out of their investments.

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Rahul Thapar partners with technology and social impact clients to identify and develop leaders who create long-term value. Based in Mumbai, he brings extensive experience in C-suite engagements and global leadership searches. He is an expert in the financial officer domain and worked on engagements across Asia for large, publicly listed companies.

Previously, he began his career at another top tier leadership advisory firm. During his role there, he focused on identifying and developing top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and inheritors in India.

“We must think of innovation as doing a lot more for a lot less (money) for a lot more (people).” - Vijay Govindarajan

Rahul holds a BA in economics from Mumbai University.
Rahul helps run a closed forum for leading board members in India, which enables India’s most well-regarded directors to discuss governance issues of today and tomorrow.
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Areas of Expertise

Executive Search Legal, Risk, and Compliance Officers

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