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Nellie provides an additional datapoint and an alternative viewpoint on the unique leadership and business issues that keep leaders awake at night and get them out of bed in the morning.

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Nellie Tan helps clients identify and grow leaders who will thrive over the long term and mitigate the risk of leadership failure. Based in Singapore, Nellie leverages her consulting experience to assist senior leaders and boards in predicting C-suite success as they build out effective leadership teams. She excels in talent management, executive assessments and appointments, succession planning and leadership development, among other areas.

Nellie advised private and public sector organizations during her 20 years of occupational psychology experience. She previously served as a senior consultant with SHL Singapore, where she worked with multinational clients across Southeast Asia, including the United Nations, Credit Suisse, DHL, BP and BMW Asia. Earlier in her career, she consulted with several ministries and departments in her role as a psychologist with Civil Service College Singapore, a college for government employees.

"Enter every professional engagement and client relationship like it is the only one that matters and give it your all… or just turn around and walk away."

Nellie holds a BSc (Honours) degree in psychology from the University of Melbourne.
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Areas of Expertise

Assessment and Benchmarking Board Director and Chair Search Board Effectiveness Board of Directors CEO Succession Chief Executive Officers C-Suite Succession Culture Analytics Development and Transition Healthcare

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