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Daniela is a trusted advisor for executive and non-executive search mandates in the healthcare industry and helps private equity clients to reach the next management level of their healthcare portfolio companies.

Based in Munich, Daniela leads Russell Reynolds Associates’ Healthcare team in Germany and is a senior member of its global Healthcare Practice. She serves both German and international clients based on her extensive advisory and industry experience. She is responsible for executive as well as non-executive search mandates for leading companies in the biopharma, biotech, med-tech, med-device, and diagnostic space.

In addition, she works on mandates for private equity clients and helps to improve C-suites for small-, mid- and large-cap healthcare portfolio companies. She is responsible for search mandates, and leadership and succession projects, including employee development. Following her PhD, she started her professional career at Kearney, a leading global strategy consulting company. In this role, she focused on private equity and led a team in digital transformation during her management leave.

We feel a great sense of purpose and responsibility in advising companies on how to find the right executives to position their companies for the future.

Daniela has a diploma from the University of Mannheim and a PhD with distinction from her research at the University of Basel and Columbia University in New York. She also holds a SAFe 5 Agilist Certification and co-founded the "Munich - Women in Leadership" network.
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Digital Health Executive Search Health Services Healthcare Med Tech, Devices & Diagnostics Pharma

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Daniela co-founded the "Munich Women in Leadership" network.